Wayne E. Fussaro Certified Public Accountant

Pricing Structure

The firm has found that when a professional offers quality service it does not always have to come at a premium price. Wayne strongly believes that his firm offers the finest quality service for the most reasonable fee in the area. All prospective clients are given a free initial consultation to allow Wayne and the prospective client to determine if there is a good fit and if a working relationship is possible. After the initial consultation, Wayne does his best to provide an upfront estimate as to how much his services will cost. At this point, the client is free to search for a better price or hire the firm to be their CPA. Both existing clients and prospective clients can rest assured that the firm is honest and trustworthy and will not do work that is not necessary. Also, the firm will not quote a low price only to present a much greater invoice to the client when the work is done. If there is ever a need for an increase in an estimate (additional work, records in poor condition, etc), the situation will be fully discussed with the client to ensure that everybody is on the same page. When dealing with business clients, the firm encourages the use of engagement letters to ensure that the client understands not only the work that is to be done, but also the charges that are associated with the work. Please call or make an appointment for more information concerning the firm's pricing structure.